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A brand is the single most important asset any company has.
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Reputation "Marketing"

Most Companies talk about Reputation "Management"'s vital to manage what others are seeing when they look for your product and services on the web, and even more important, is how you are promoting and "marketing" that reputation to bring you more customers.

NOTE >> Did you know according to a recent "Trust in Advertising" survey done by the folks at Nielsen Ratings (the world's leading research company on all things advertising), 70% of consumers TRUST consumer opinions posted online, even over editorial news articles - 58% (ouch Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post), ads on TV - 47%, Billboards - 47%, Radio - 42%, Text ads - 29%).

The only thing they trust more is a personal recommendation from a friend.....and Statistics show that 77% of consumers double check the online reputation of a business or service, even AFTER being recommended by friends, family or colleagues.

You are ONLY ONE negative review away from a bad reputation! Here's the question, "Do you ever buy something or do business with a company with bad reviews"? NO! None of us do!

We believe in brands. In their power. Their value. Their increasing importance in customers' lives. We believe our job is to help our clients build enduring brands and reputations that live as part of customers' lives and command their loyalty and confidence.

A company’s brand should drive every single marketing decision. At Page One, we seek to insure that your brand and reputation is true in all its manifestations – from advertisings to the development of loyalty programs to web site design and interactive campaigns. We help our clients to build, grow and proactively manage their brands.

We will build your 5-STAR reputation, show you how to MARKET that reputation and even train your staff so that everyone will be on the same page!

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